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Tired of losing valuable time and money because someone forgot to check building permits? Tired of irritating potential customers because someone missed an appointment? Tired of using spreadsheets and sticky notes to schedule crews? Tired of messing with server backups so your documents don't get lost? Then Solar Workflow is for you.

Components and Styles
Realtime Project and Lead Status

Realtime Dashboard

  • Project health and status
  • Local power utility permitting status
  • Local power utility rebate status
  • Power utility integration
  • Lead and project sizes in kWdc
  • Lead density heat maps
  • Installation maps

Project and Lead Tracking

Project and Lead Tracking

  • Quickly identify project health
  • Overdue alerts, notifications and remiders
  • Task-level customer notifications
  • Task dependencies
  • Task progress tracking
  • Total task customization

Workflow and Task Management

Customer Relationship Management

  • Contact management
  • Activity management
  • Deal tracking
  • Product management
  • Opportunity tracking
  • Reporting

Realtime Project and Lead Status

Document Management and Cloud Storage

  • Attach documents to tasks
  • Easily browse documents inside the project
  • All documents stored in the cloud
  • Eliminates the need for server backups
  • Accessible anywhere, all you need is an internet connection

Project and Lead Tracking

Crew Scheduling

  • Job schedules at a glance
  • Schedules linked to projects
  • Allows for unlimited number of crews and schedules

Workflow and Task Management

Excellent Support

  • Instant support response
  • Complete satisfaction guaranteed
  • Your success is our first priority

Project Status


Rebate Status


Installations - System Size (kWdc)

Project Types

All of them! Why spend thousands hassling with standalone "boxed" software applications. Solar Workflow is a browser based project management system. Complete with task tracking, crew scheduling and document management, it can be accessed from anywhere on the internet. Whether it be your office or your favorite coffee shop, with your PC, Mac, iPhone, Droid, iPad or tablet, all you need is an internet connection and a browser!
Tired of hassling with server backups so your project documents don't get lost? Are you even backing up those valuable project documents? Cloud Storage simply means that you can upload your project documents, whether they be site assessments, array photos, LOI documents, customer contracts or invoices to our servers and we handle the storage for you. Our servers are hosted in a top of the line network operations center, with a 100%% uptime SLA. We worry about backing things up, so you don't have to.
Absolutely! Solar Workflow is designed to fit the needs of solar providers. Knowing that no two companies are exactly alike, we've built a Task Manager, that allows you to completely customize the workflow to fit your needs. You can use our workflow template or create your own workflow. Each task and task grouping can have its own document type, task dependency or group dependency, all defined by you. Or, simply use it as is. We've spent countless hours with solar providers, learning their business. We put that expertise into the base template, so you can login and just start using it without any customization.